Table of Contents

Table of Contents was designed in collaboration with Stuart Hyatt.

The Table of Contents is one of the lending libraries for the The Public Collection, "a public art and literacy project developed by Rachel M. Simon to improve literacy, foster a deeper appreciation of the arts, and raise awareness for educational justice in our community."

Designed for the Horizon House, a homeless day shelter in Indianapolis, the Table of Contents was built for the storage of books but was expanded to carve out space for people as well. The Indianapolis Public Library will provide free books and audio CDs so that anyone can take or drop off as they wish. Rather than a focus on ownership, this is about community education and knowledge.

Table of Contents provides our most vulnerable neighbors with comfortable and inviting pavilions for reading and listening to audio books. The project has been conceived and designed in direct collaboration with the “neighbors” of Horizon House who are experiencing homelessness. The structure was finished on site with the help of the Horizon House community, providing temporary employment to a group of neighbors.

S+Ca and Stuart Hyatt would like to thank Ball State University for the use of the CAP Design Build Lab. The Public Collection is a public art and literacy project developed by Rachel M. Simon, with support from the Herbert Simon Family Foundation. It is managed in partnership with the Central Indiana Community Foundation and Mindy Taylor Ross of Art Strategies LLC.